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The return of Heathkit? Is this for real?

I missed the era of Heathkit building that many older hams grew up with.  I got my license in 1985, and while some Heathkits were still available, the company seemed to be going through a transition away from ham radio … Continue reading

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BITX-20 audio amplifier done

The Hendricks printed board kit for the BITX-20 is finally on the move again after 5 years of delay!  I think this one will come together fairly quickly as I will just follow the instructions and do some testing but … Continue reading

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Kenwood TS-2000 battery replacement fix (CR-2032)!

To borrow a phrase from Bill’s “Soldersmoke”, the “brotherhood of electronic wizards” came through for me already!  Thanks to Steve, VE7SL, for his comments on my blog that led to a very simple and easy fix to a TX problem. … Continue reading

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One reason why we may like to homebrew: dead rigs

This may be some kind of a sign to build more radios. My 14 year old TS-2000 (bought IN 2000) no longer transmits normally.  It will lock into TX mode and just put out a constant carrier when I go … Continue reading

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Final design/install of antenna tuner

I’ve been really excited about this antenna tuner box I completed a week ago.  I really finished it about 2-3 weeks back but got stuck with some weatherproofing issues (glue and paint) towards the end that delayed deployment (especially with … Continue reading

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Circuit analysis fun with algebra, Excel and LTSpice

Ever get into a mood for some Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws with a ton of algebra, and simulations in Microsoft Excel as well as LTSpice?  Well, for some reason, this week I really did, and it became addictive. I … Continue reading

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Unearthing old QRP homebrew

I decided to take a brief break from LTSpice tonight and dig out my few projects I did back in ~2000 to 2002 timeframe.  I was wondering if they still worked and thought it might be fun to put one … Continue reading

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