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17, 15 and 6 m antenna improvments

Lots of excitement from FM07 in the last week. I decided I just wasn’t real thrilled with the performance of the longwire on 17 m.  There were signals there, I could work DX, but the levels just seemed anemic compared … Continue reading

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6m back on the air; confirmed ground enhancements

I am now fully 6m-capable for the first time in almost a decade (I don’t count mobile setups). I installed another 10 ft mast in my yard using my new technique of pounding in short fence posts about 1 ft … Continue reading

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Antenna measurements; neat webSDR resources

I had to do a total overhaul to my antenna tuner due to water ingress.  My poor variable capacitors were literally swimming in water.  Instead of adding more and more layers of waterproofing goop to the mailbox, I decided to … Continue reading

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EZ-NEC comparisons of longwire to dipole

I thought it might be fun to play a bit with EZ-NEC and model my longwire.  A good standard for comparison for any antenna is a halfwave dipole, so I plotted the two patterns together for various frequencies. The assumptions … Continue reading

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Tuner troubles fixed, now huge signals

I didn’t know that my outdoor homebrew tuner was in trouble, but apparently it’s been declining for awhile.  I had recently had to fiddle with a variable cap whose vernier style reduction drive knob was faltering.  I thought I’d gotten … Continue reading

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Hello Top Band!

In my last blog I’d mentioned how I was adjusting my tuner settings for all the HF bands.  I’d indicated that I didn’t even bother with 160 m. Well…I decided to bother with it after all. Amazingly, the extra length … Continue reading

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Every ham has a story; stubborn reduction drives

Yesterday I was lost in listening.  I often enjoy just listening to other QSOs on the HF bands.  When I’m building or fixing something I’ll have it on in the background.  But yesterday I actually just sat in the operator’s … Continue reading

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