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More op-amp fun; 6m opening

I’ve been playing with the op-amp circuits some more.  While the Radio Shack 741 chip more or less worked as advertised, and I was able to amplify audio out of my iPhone (although slightly distorted, for whatever reason), the NE5532 … Continue reading

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The 741 chip and op-amps

I decided I wanted a little bit more information about op-amps.  Just soldering in the audio amp into the SW40 kit board and moving on with only vague recollections from 20+ years ago about what these chips do wasn’t satisfying … Continue reading

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The solder has melted! SW40 begun

It’s been almost a year before any real projects have been undertaken.  Finally, I dug out the SW-40 board about 2 weeks ago and began to play. To refresh, this is a kit I bought back in the early 2000s … Continue reading

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