Welcome to my blog.  My name is Bert, callsign WF7I, and this is my homebrew electronics blog.

Here I can document various little projects quickly and easily and share with others.  I’ve certainly benefited from reading others’ blogs and maybe I can do the same for others with mine.

I’m a ham radio operator (since 1985) and I didn’t start out as a homebrewer.  I was mainly an “appliance operator” who was baffled by most of the circuits I ran across.  I had some interest, spent many years learning more about it in college, worked in the field for awhile, and gradually transformed myself into what I’d now describe as a novice homebrewer.  I can’t hold a candle to many who have been doing this for decades.  However, I plan on gaining skill in this area because I think it is a lot of fun.

Around 2000, the homebrew and kit building bug really hit for the first time.  Within a couple of years I’d built a Rockmite 40m rig, a 20m CW transceiver kit also from Small Wonder, and my very own creation, a direct conversion receiver for 40m.  I took the rigs out with me to the local mountains where I lived in Arizona and had great fun working the world with a wire strung among the cacti and palo verde trees.

For most of the decade from then till 2013 I’d done no homebrew whatsoever and very little hamming.  I aim to change that now and I thought I’d document some of it in the blog.

If you stumble across my blog and find something interesting, please leave a comment.  Suggestions for circuit improvements or other projects are welcome.

If you have your own blog and you’d like participation, drop me a note and I’ll follow you.  I can be reached at wf7i@arrl.net

Thanks & 73.


2 Responses to About

  1. howisluna says:

    Re: Pititico — I have a spare telephone earpiece from a standard, old-style, dial desk telephone. I’ll send it to you for free, including free postage. KB1UYS

    • wf7i says:

      I appreciate the offer but I probably won’t be doing much with that circuit in the future, was kind of a fun one-time deal for me. But thanks again!

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