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More op-amp fun; 6m opening

I’ve been playing with the op-amp circuits some more.  While the Radio Shack 741 chip more or less worked as advertised, and I was able to amplify audio out of my iPhone (although slightly distorted, for whatever reason), the NE5532 … Continue reading

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17, 15 and 6 m antenna improvments

Lots of excitement from FM07 in the last week. I decided I just wasn’t real thrilled with the performance of the longwire on 17 m.  There were signals there, I could work DX, but the levels just seemed anemic compared … Continue reading

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6m back on the air; confirmed ground enhancements

I am now fully 6m-capable for the first time in almost a decade (I don’t count mobile setups). I installed another 10 ft mast in my yard using my new technique of pounding in short fence posts about 1 ft … Continue reading

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Hello Top Band!

In my last blog I’d mentioned how I was adjusting my tuner settings for all the HF bands.  I’d indicated that I didn’t even bother with 160 m. Well…I decided to bother with it after all. Amazingly, the extra length … Continue reading

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