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Bitx20 demo video!

I’ve shot a video of the Bitx20A in action!  Watch it using the link below: The radio is all done.  The final pieces were to put labels on the front panel and connect all the wiring to the controls.  I … Continue reading

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Finishing touches

It’s time to put the stickers on the box. One thing I really like about this kit is the pre-drilled box and the hole for the digital display and the labels.  I am not at all a fan of the … Continue reading

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I DID IT!! I DID IT!!! My first QSO with my first home-built sideband transceiver!  John IK4GME in Bagnacavallo, Italy!  I received a 56 from John’s apparently considerable antenna farm.  Ciao John! Months in a cold basement wearing layers to … Continue reading

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Bitx20 transmit oddities continue

It’s been a few days with no updates on the blog but I’ve been VERY active in my downstairs lab.  Unfortunately, my Bitx20 is still having some problems. I have gotten a wealth of information from the bitx20 Yahoo group … Continue reading

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Continued low Bitx TX; digital display started

I’m not sure I’m satisfied yet with the output of the rig.  Maybe it’s fine and I’m just ignorant of how these SSB homebrew rigs operate, but something seems wrong when the needle on the power meter only gets to … Continue reading

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Bitx20 RF PA stability mods added

Today I went ahead and added the mods suggested to help stabilize the RF PA in the Hendricks Bitx kits.  Thanks to Alan G0RWB for this great clue in the comments of my previous blog entry.  It was specifically mentioned … Continue reading

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Follow-up on TX troubles (Bitx20)

Just as I’d said, once I post something to the blog (or mention to another ham) a problem with a rig, suddenly I start finding my own solutions.  Maybe next time I ought to post a note early in the … Continue reading

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