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Breadboarded mic amps

I took my higher gain mic amp design and breadboarded it, then looked at it on the scope.  Everything worked just about as predicted!  I was amazed. I obtained about 1.25 V p-p from my circuit, which is a gain … Continue reading

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BJT audio amp design learning milestones

Long time no post!  I want to post more regularly but I just haven’t had time to devote to the hobby these past two weeks.  But I’ve finally made some new headway so it’s time to blog. My work on … Continue reading

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Bitx20 mic amp on LTSpice; common emmiter analysis has begun

Lots of fun with Spice!  I don’t know why I stopped using this valuable, fun and easy to use tool after I got through college years ago.  I remember suffering with the predecessor “PSPICE” tool where you had to code … Continue reading

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Circuit analysis fun with algebra, Excel and LTSpice

Ever get into a mood for some Kirchhoff’s voltage and current laws with a ton of algebra, and simulations in Microsoft Excel as well as LTSpice?  Well, for some reason, this week I really did, and it became addictive. I … Continue reading

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Lost in the realm of LTSpice

The past few days, every chance I get, I’ve been modeling on LTSpice.  It’s been a lot of fun, but as I think Bill pointed out in a long ago podcast, it can become obsessive too.  Instead of actually melting … Continue reading

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I’ve joined the LTSpice bandwagon!

Since I no longer have the software licenses to run things like ADS (no longer being in grad school), I decided I’d download the popular LTSpice tool and use it to simulate the little oscillator circuit from Orr. I didn’t … Continue reading

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