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Manhattanizing the Mrad-40

I’m almost done with my little Mrad-40 rig.  I didn’t get to work on soldering it into the box as much as I wanted to this weekend but tonight I almost finished it.  The troubles I’m having now are mostly … Continue reading

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A thank you to my readers & some personal notes

Just a quick shout out to my audience. A big “thank you” for the reads and the comments (many of which have been very helpful).  And I’m glad that some of my posts (particularly the one on mixing mathematics and … Continue reading

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1st TX IF amp and 2nd RX IF amp done; another circuit board made

Tonight I moved forward again with the Bitx20 Hendricks kit, building the 1st IF TX amp and the 2nd RX IF amp.  The above picture shows the testing done on the RX amp portion with my Altoids “curiously strong” outboard … Continue reading

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Trifilar trauma & construction styles

I decided to turn my focus to the trifilar transformer.  I’ve never really become familiar with these but it looks like the one used in the Bitx mixer is basically a 1:2 turns ratio transformer with a center-tapped secondary.  Maybe … Continue reading

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