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SW-40 completed and on the air!

It’s a great feeling. My thus far relatively modest journey into homebrewing had another high water point as I finally completed this QRP transceiver, and even better, made my first QSO with it out camping in the woods! The antenna … Continue reading

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Crystal filter analysis, SW40

I’ve been away from the blog for quite awhile, mainly because I ran into several roadblocks which stymied my progress with the SW40 build and analysis. I really wanted to re-visit the type of analysis I did when I built … Continue reading

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More op-amp fun; 6m opening

I’ve been playing with the op-amp circuits some more.  While the Radio Shack 741 chip more or less worked as advertised, and I was able to amplify audio out of my iPhone (although slightly distorted, for whatever reason), the NE5532 … Continue reading

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The solder has melted! SW40 begun

It’s been almost a year before any real projects have been undertaken.  Finally, I dug out the SW-40 board about 2 weeks ago and began to play. To refresh, this is a kit I bought back in the early 2000s … Continue reading

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Looking for computer logging program

I have managed to make a few QSOs since my previous blog entry, so I thought that justified another one. I know that people read this blog, presumably through google searches for one technical buzzword or another.  But if some … Continue reading

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Solder melting drought

I’ve been meaning to post for a few weeks, but it seems I can never get to it.  That’s kind of how this fall has been! I have been completely swamped by an over-busy fall semester of classes.  I had … Continue reading

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July/Aug project: Small Wonder 40

During my shack cleanup for my upcoming move, I decided on my next build. Like the Bitx20 before it, the Small Wonder Labs SW-40 has sat around in my shack, unbuilt, for a WHILE.  You thought the Bitx20 had been … Continue reading

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