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Transformer 101 to the rescue

In my hurry to finish the Mrad-40 I had used a questionable toroidal transformer leading from bandpass filter to input of the NE-602 mixer. I knew at the time it was a bit suspect but I thought I’d give it … Continue reading

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Manhattanizing the Mrad-40

I’m almost done with my little Mrad-40 rig.  I didn’t get to work on soldering it into the box as much as I wanted to this weekend but tonight I almost finished it.  The troubles I’m having now are mostly … Continue reading

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RX actually does work (my bad); more transformer fun

Well, turns out the RX on the Pititico circuit did work.  I just didn’t realize it was working. But first off, I don’t think I have the same type of headphone Miguel was using.  The best I can tell, his … Continue reading

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